Christ Nation School Plant Day

One of the things that we have been trying to do with our students at our Christian school is trying to help them to be responsible in the community.  This last week we had a plant day at our school.  Here are some of the pictures of the activities.

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10685498_10203596248241666_5286515795418205184_nHey everyone. Been a few weeks since I sent you an update on how things are going with the Christ Nation School renovation project. Last time I wrote we were in the middle of raising funds to make the payment to reserve the building. I am very please to inform you that through the help of several supporters and some creative fundraising we were able to get into the building. We are excited about the change because it places our school in one of the busiest intersections in our city. This translates into an increase of our student enrollment for 2015 as it provides easy access for parents to get students to school.

Thank you to all who gave to the first stage of the project. Our next stage will be the renovation process so the facility meets the standards of the board of education in our city. We need to finish the playground, renovate bathrooms, paint, and make a few structural changes. This coming week I will send you more details about the next stages.

As I was walking through the new facility this week I was encouraged by the thought of the future of Christ Nation School because every child that enrolls in our Christian school is a potential leader that will impact our city in a positive way. We are truly blessed to be elements of change in Cochabamba.

Here is the link of the pictures of the new building before the renovations if you would like to check them out.


To give to this project:

1) Tax-deductible through paypal:

(2) If you do not need a tax-deductible receipt (you can save us 10%):

Click here for other ways to give:

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dispatcherWe shared with you a few weeks ago that the Bolivian government this year decided to add a mandatory 20% increase of salaries. This was announced in May. As is often the case in Bolivia, this change took place without warning. It was announced in May but retroactively applied to salaries since January.

We came to an agreement with the workers that we would pay the retroactive salaries in three payments: July, August, and September.

Through the generosity of so many of you we were able to pay the first two payments. The last one of $976 is scheduled for the end of this week. The good thing is that this is the last payment, yahoo!!! The challenge is that this is a rather large amount for us as a mom-and-pop ministry.

If you would like to give towards this need, it would be greatly appreciated. The links are below. Thank you, again, for being so supportive of the things we do in Bolivia.


To give to this project:

1) Tax-deductible through paypal:

(2) If you do not need a tax-deductible receipt (you can save us 10%):

Click here for other ways to give:

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Colegio Cristo Nacion Relocation Project 2015

The new location for Christ Nation School 2015

Hope you are doing well. Sorry to bother you with yet another project appeal; but a good ministry will always have great projects to give to. We need to relocate our Christian school by the end of the year and must secure the facility as soon as possible. After several months of looking we have found the perfect place adjacent to the one of the busiest intersections in the city. Our plan is to secure the facility by the 15th of this month. We can then start the renovations so the new location is ready for when classes start up again in the beginning of 2015, the next school year. We will be in a great position to impact the lives of more children through Christian education in 2015.

To make the fundraising process easier we are asking people to consider giving $100 or more towards this relocation project.

If you are able to give at this time it will be a great blessing. Do not feel obligated to do so.   We understand that you can’t help with every project. Our deadline to secure the facility is by Monday so if you are going to give please do so either today September 11th or tomorrow September 12th. The giving information is below.

Thanks again so much,

DaRonn Washington

Missionary working in Bolivia South America

Here is the facebook link of pictures of the facility if you would like to see it:


1) Tax-deductible through paypal:

(2)  If you do not need a tax-deductible receipt (you can save us 10%):

3) Other was to give:

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Victory Report: Diplomas for our first and second year graduation class.

8548_669704656402806_501061399_nLast week we received good news from the department of education here in Bolivia.   They finally approved our graduate certificates from our first two years graduating classes.  Because of a change in districts our school had to deal with a ton of legal paperwork in order for the students that finished their studies at Christ Nation School to get their diplomas.  Through several months of hard work we finally received the call and the fruits of our labor.  All of our graduating classes have received their diplomas.  This is wonderful news because these students represent the future of Bolivia.

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2nd Retroactive payment – Bolivia 2014

A few weeks ago I shared with you  the challenges that we have in Bolivia with social benefits for our employees.  Each year depending upon the desire of the government we run the risk of mandatory increases in bonuses, salaries, etc.  It is just a variable of ministering in Bolivia.  This year is no different.
This time it is a 10% salary increase decreed by the government, which is retroactive.  The government has made yet another decree that requires all businesses to pay a mandatory 10% salary increase for all employees.  The government does not consider a difference between those who work in the social help sectors different from the local businesses.  So we are required to pay the increase.  Also the decree is retroactive so it is to be paid from the month of January 2014.

We already paid the first payment of $967 last month.  Now we still have two more payments of $967 ($1,933 in total) the second due this end of the month.  I do realize that giving to government requirements are not the most exciting thing to give towards, but if you are able to help please do so.

Our deadline to supply the need is by the end of the month so if you can help please let us know.  You can give by following the instructions below. Thank you so much again for standing in faith with us that these needs are met and more lives are impacted in Bolivia.

Click here for instructions on how to give to this need.

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As a child I would wake up early in Saturday morning, sit in my pajamas with a huge bowl of cereal, and watch cartoons. You name it, I watched it: Superman, X-men, Transformers, GI. Joe, Thundercats. I loved superheroes. Batman was my favorite. For my 6th birthday I asked for a Batman cake, mask, and cape.    

I liked him so much becausbatmane he had two identities. During the day he was Bruce Wayne, a wealthy philanthropist. At night he was a vigilante that fought crime in Gotham city. The same person, but with two jobs; and he did both amazingly well. The guy must have never slept. Reflecting on my current situation as a missionary in some ways I am like Batman in that I am becoming skilled at two focuses and I like to help people.    

In 2006 and 2007 we learned a lot. We saw the funding from our partners in the USA diminish drastically. It got so bad that we found ourselves contemplating leaving the missionary life because we simply could not afford to stay. (I shared in detail about this in the blog: ‘We have to do something about these dogs’.) The good thing is we survived those two years. We learned that we had to have other forms of income within Bolivia to supplement our finances. We had to change strategies to become sustainable.

Sustainability is a buzzword in the mission world. In the interest of sustaining the ministry we find creative ways for people to become involved in opportunities which generate more funding. Instead of relying solely on donations directed toward the ministry projects people can designate funds which are used to develop more income. Those businesses in return create an alternate amount of income in order to do more mission work. For many people this strategy is a purposeful choice; we made the choice out of necessity.

For several years now we have been working the idea. You would think it would be a great mix for us because I have a degree in business administration. Yet, to be honest, I am conflicted. Here are some of my reasons why:

The cons: divided focus diminishing effectiveness in both areas, significantly limited time to do ministry, meeting the legal employer requirements imposed upon us by the Bolivian government is stressful and burdensome, at times this doubling of our efforts has confused the donors leading them to wrongly believe we no longer need support.

The pros: not starving, things are tight but doable, the liberty of branching out to find creative solutions to our financial difficulties is freeing, we have connected with groups of people that we may not have had it not been for these sustainability projects so our circle of influence is greater, we have gained a deeper understanding of the Bolivian people and the culture of this nation which gives us more credibility.

We started the businesses was because we need funds. Allow me to clarify that we need both sources of funding: donations to the ministry efforts as well as donations towards the sustainability efforts. Truth be told, if we could simply devote all our energy to missions we would surely do so. We can’t at this time, so we do what we have to for survival.  

Might we be moving away from our true calling? You may ask me if my true calling in Bolivia is more maintaining sustainability or ministry in the traditional missionary sense. I would answer: missions. I feel my strongest skill set is that of missions; actually I am not all that good at business. At this time in our life on the mission field we feel it is a necessity that we are involved in business. I look forward to the day when we can dedicate ourselves 100% to missions work. Until then creative sustainability efforts are an answer to some of our funding challenges.


If you are interested in helping with a sustainability project:

IMG_2394Video arcade and internet. For some time I have been working on a project to place a video arcade and internet in a high-traffic area in our city. I have already purchased 10 video games and I am working on the internet.

If you are interested in giving toward this project the total cost for set-up is $4,000.

The wonderful thing about this project is once it is up and running it will produce funds for the orphanage and our family. 

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